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The practice of exchanging service, goods or both is called trading or commerce. In the past, trading was originally in the form of barter. It was done simply by exchanging a product with another product or service. is a website that offers export import service to international trade and global trade. It is a market for exporter, importer, manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier. gives so many benefits to manufacturers. It is an international market that is available online to aid even the smallest companies in doing business. helps increase the company’s gross income and penetrates even international trade market. It is a business to business or b2b company. It helps another company get the right sourcing. It assists the company’s’ needs in buying or selling services or products both domestic and international. You can choose to buy from over 200,000 offers in around 1,100 global trade leads.

Selling the products on is simple. The first thing to do is to be a member of Registration is offered for free. Your business will then be included in the company directory. It is now easy to post your products. You can even add other details and specifications of the product and edit them any time. A Company Profile will be given upon registering to introduce the business and any other general information about it.

The company’s products can be posted at through the product catalog. This will increase your chances to be identified by buyers. Multiple products can be posted. Paying members can place more products and will have the chance to buy extra spaces. But those who availed the free membership can post a maximum of five products only. The trade lead should contain information and availability of the product as well as the timeliness of the company to deliver the goods to clients.

Most of the buyers prefer to search for suppliers and products by browsing through the website. But some of them opt to publish trade leads for the sellers to find them. You can now look for the posted buying trade leads and then you can send them price quotation. You can also post a proposal to sell your product or service. makes sure that the offer is made to the most visited trade leads in the world. All the notifications are done through electronic mail. can even provide your company with an email account for immediate facilitation of the whole process. However, majority of the buyers only allow paying members to view their information and to make contact.

A buyer can post a trade lead. Trade lead is one way of inviting sellers to submit price quotations together with its terms and conditions on a particular product. If you think you have not found the product you are looking for, post trade leads. There are some suppliers who do not post all their available products that is why buyers are urged to post a buying lead so as to let the sellers come to you instead.

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You can choose to buy from over 200,000 offers in around 1,100 global trade leads . Visit online resource for World Marketplace .

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