Work From Home: 5 Mistakes A New Starter Must Avoid

Below is a statement from somebody just starting online money making business and made this post in a forum seeking opinions from online marketing gurus on how he can make up to $4000 every month and as quick as possible with time frame set to 1 month to begin realizing this dream. He wrote:

I figured $3000-$4000 net per month is the average I would like to take home at the minimum every month to have a decent lifestyle i.e. basic apt, small car etc (not too big dreams to ask for). I would like the gurus opinion here on the fastest way to accomplish this online? Hopeful Maximum Timeframe - within a month.

Then one of the forum members replied as follows:

Seriously, you need to spend some time getting to know the possible opportunities, planning, and developing whatever it is you decide to do. There's no simple get-rich-quick plan. Or even a get-moderate-income-plan.

1. To Make Money Online, You Must Avoid Getting Rich Quick Craze

This person was too wrapped up in his little world of me, me, me. It's like one who is trying to milk a system instead of using that system to provide real substance that his customers will benefit from. He was not focussing on putting significant weight on value creation for his customers and instead, shifting attention on getting rich from the first month. It is important to note that having articles, content, ads and affiliate programs on website are not value but are simply the means to create value.

Value creation is what you need to focus on. The only true long term success stories on the internet have evolved out of hard work, determination, and INDIVIDUAL CREATIVITY and input. To make money online is right there in the last statement. When people feel they are getting value from you, they will be willing to exchange their money for the value.
There are two steps to creating value for your customers:

a) Creating user need (which other similar sites are not doing well). That is, serving people in a way they aren't already being served, revealing your unique creative self-expression. Simply put, express what only you can express in a manner that only you can express it.

b) Then presenting it as if your price is a value.

If you somehow find a way to make money providing little or no value, that success will not last because your market will quickly be flooded with me-too wannabes and your making money cake will be sliced into tiny little pieces.

2. Lack of Persistence and pursuing too many Projects will ruin your Work from Home Dream

You must avoid getting involved in projects that waste time. Many Newbie would read their emails, read articles, see ads in business opportunity magazines and feel a sense of excitement while reading about the wads of money people are making and then jump from one deal to another like an mlm junke jumps from mlm to another just because they were so new to the business, they did not know the difference between information which had value and information with little or no value.

They keep doing this for a while, until they get so frustrated that they just give up and quit the whole work from home dream saying it's impossible to make money online! They need to know that persistence is the key to their success and if persistence is lacking they will end up frustrated.

3. Avoid being too tight on Cash if you want to Make Money Online

Being stingy with cash is another stupid mistake a newbie can fall into. Some people can be too tight on cash to get their own domain name, too mean to buy a good ebook or too stingy to subscribe to a subscription only website and prefer wasting time looking around for so called free web hosting. They do not realize that it is more costly when they are tight on cash. It cost them more cash indirectly, more time and frustration to try and do everything without paying a dime.

On the web, things move very quickly. You want to catch up with updates and get your hands on the newest information and software that will do you, your online business and your customers a lot of good before it goes round the world a thousand times and every Dick and Harry knew about it. On the other hand, I am not saying you should be spending your cash on any products and services that come your way.

If starting out with no money, this is understandable. There are couple of things you can do to start making money on the Internet. When the cash starts coming in, the money can be used to start building web sites which generate revenue 24/7. At the end of this article, you will find a link to the site where you can raise extra money for yourself to get started in online business.

4. Avoid Lack of Knowledge if you want to Make Money Online

Knowledge is power, if you want to make money working at home you have to take a steep learning curve. Knowledge and know- how is the key to success in the 21st century. Apply what you have learned, don't relax but keep learning. Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. Henry Ford

5. To Succeed in Work at Home Business - You must be very determined to Avoid Failure

If you fail to plan then you have planned to fail.

It is the mark of failure if you no longer seek to improve and beat others at what you are doing. Daniel K Olukoya MFM Ministry Failure cannot happen in your life without your permission. Mike Murdoch

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Femi Tunde is a London based internet Marketing Entrepreneur. He is well experienced in business related and internet marketing field. He is passionate about helping people from low income segment to arise and grab their share of global opportunities the internet provides. He is the webmaster of Make Money InfoKit and Money Ideas Gate

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