Here's the Greatest Bottleneck in your MLM Business (and How to Avoid It)

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Let's face it. In the traditional MLM prospecting equation there's always one major bottleneck...YOU.

No matter how good you are at prospecting and recruiting for your business or how bad you are at it (and I've been there before), your personal results are always tied to how many prospects you speak with and how many people you sign up and how many times you made an exposure that day.

Unfortunately, most companies only teach you the "traditional" way which relies on still, to some degree, trading time for results.

True, you have duplication in your team  and that's always something to be put in place  but you should not be relying on your team to provide all of your profits. It's always dangerous to put your income 100% in the hands of someone else, regardless of what industry or business you're in.

That's why for years, I've been teaching direct response-based prospecting strategies that put you in the driver's seat. Strategies that allow you to truly leverage and profit from the work that you do just one time (read: autopilot).

With solid marketing techniques like sales letters and good copywriting, you remove yourself from the equation. You can ratchet up your leads, prospects, recruits and sales practically anytime you want.

Copywriting is hands-down the most critical marketing skill you'll ever learn. It's a powerful, powerful skill.

And once you become a master at this, you can literally write your own ticket. (Personally, I've sold well over a million dollars in just the last few years alone with sales copy.)

Another reason copy is important for you and your business is because 99% of the companies out there provide crappy copy and marketing pieces. All of their tools focus on pretty, flashy presentations. Their websites have 17 different things on it that aren't focused and confuse your prospects. And the tools are just all over the place because they're not focused on *good* copywriting, which is essentially good salesmanship.

So what's the most important thing copywriting gives you?

In a word, leverage.

Now let's think about it. A sales letter is the most powerful master prospector you could ever hire. For about the price of a cup of coffee (or really just the cost of turning on your computer if you're using email and doing it online), it will relentlessly go out and deliver your message perfectly every time.

It's never going to call in sick. It's never going to complain. It will never quit on you or go into the witness protection program like a lot of people in downlines like to do.

Simply put, a powerful sales letter is like having a little automatic money-making robot working for you tirelessly, day and night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Plus, there's no rejection. You don't ever have to feel silly or dumb because sales letters will go out and recruit, sell and do all the talking for you 24 hours a day.

And a good piece of copy is specifically designed to uncover the exact people that are interested in your prospects, your services, your opportunity. Forget having to talk to anyone who's not interested again.

In fact, when someone says "no" to your copywriting, you don't have to ever know that; they didn't say "no" to your face. You weren't even talking to them because the sales copy was doing the work! (Wouldn't you rather talk to hot interested prospects who all called you and raised their hands, instead of dealing with time-wasters?)

Plus, using copy puts you back in the driver's seat.

It's important for everybody to know that you don't own anything in network marketing. You're basically still working for another company, just on your own terms and schedule...

You don't own the company, you don't own the downline, you don't own the marketing materials, you don't own the products, you don't own the services, you don't own the websites, you don't have any assets at the end of the day, so if something happens, you don't have any wealth building assets under your control.

So it's important that you have direct-response marketing tools and systems to deliver prospects to you that are under your control (exactly like copywriting does) because that's when your wealth and your income become predictable (and stable).

If your company disappears tomorrow or the FCC doesn't like their marketing or God forbid some Jack Bauer 24-style moment happens to you and you can't go out and prospect anymore...if you have systems like this in place, then you're going to be in a position that's much more powerful and much more stable.

Now if you're skeptical about this working in your business, here's your answer: You would not be here right now reading this if sales copy did not work. Truth be told, everything that you saw to get you to this point right now was all good copywriting online.

And when you start using this tool in your network marketing business, prospects will literally start raising their hands, wanting what you have...without you even being there!

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