Trade Show Marketing on a Shoestring

Are you debating on the value of exhibiting at a trade show? You’ve heard the hype and wonder if this is a viable marketing tool for your business. Here are some points to consider.

A typical national trade show has approximately 1000 exhibitors and 10,000 attendees. Your staff could make approximately 200 face to face contacts each day. How long would it normally take your sales staff to contact 200 prospects?

Trade shows are generally targeted toward a specific industry or market segment. The attendees are already interested in your business category or else they wouldn’t be attending this particular trade show.

Studies show that approximately 84% of trade show attendees are the decision maker or have an influence over the decision making process in their company. This also means that there is not a protective secretary standing between your sales staff and a company’s decision maker.

While it is true that a dazzling custom exhibit booth can cost a substantial investment of capital, it is also possible to get started in trade show marketing on a modest budget. The key to your success may lie more in the ingenuity of your display and hand out materials than in the size and shape of your booth.

Look for an experienced vendor to assist you in the design and purchase of your trade show booth. A reliable vendor will focus on your marketing goals while assisting you in staying within your budget. A professional vendor will know that the success you experience at your initial trade show will not only increase your rate of return on investment but also will allow you to expand the scope of your booth in future years. A company like this will respect both you and your budget.

One of the more economical approaches to begin your entry into trade show exhibiting would be the use of a table top design. These have several advantages. While being economical, they can be visually stunning as well as versatile. Outside of trade shows the table top exhibits can be used for meetings and presentations. Many are light weight and are easy to set up or transport. A simple table top designed with appealing graphics and innovative text can command more attention than a huge but boring display.

A step up would be the single banner stand. By using quality graphics with bright colors and excellent lighting, you can attract attention to your booth at a nominal cost. Choose a vendor that can help you have maximum impact with your exhibit.

If you have determined that exhibiting in trade shows is something you will do on a continual basis, investigate investing in something larger and more substantial, like a pop-up display. You may be pleasantly surprised by how reasonably priced one may be obtained. Prices vary widely so again, seek out a quality vendor to assist you with this.

Finally, there are some surprisingly low cost ways to make a big impact. The appearance and attitude of your staffers will have a big impact on your success. Send only your most cheerful and outgoing personnel and have them wear coordinating outfits that are a step up from the attire of the competition. A sharp appearance and a big smile are always a winner.

About the Author:

Brent Smookler is no stranger to promoting his company’s products on a shoestring. Over the years he’s found that the simple approach works better and he uses small and easily portable exhibits such as banner stands or a Trade Show Counters with some head turning graphics to grab the attention of potential customers walking by.

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